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Marine Corps Family Relation Foil Decals

Foil Decal Sheet includes one 4" and two 2" decals.  Peel and stick application. There are 28 different Family Relation choices available.   The background color on these decals is BLUE not BLACK since the official seal of the Marine Corps is BLUE not BLACK. SEE BELOW.

"The Marine Corps Seal consists of a bronze Marine Corps Emblem, displayed on a scarlet background. The scarlet background is encircled by a navy blue band, inscribed with “Department of the Navy, United States Marine Corps” in gold letters, and edged in a gold rope rim." On June 22, 1954, President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed an executive order that approved the use of the design, which had been requested by the Commandant of the Marine Corps, General Lemuel C. Shepherd, Jr.
Family Relations include 28 different choices:  Proud Parent of a Marine, Marine Mom Always Faithful, My Son is a Marine, My Step Son is a Marine, My Son-in-Law is a Marine, My Sons are Marines, My Daughter is a Marine, My Step Daughter is a Marine, My Children are Marines, My Grandson is a Marine, My Grandsons are Marines, My Granddaughter is a Marine, My Brother is a Marine, My Brothers are Marines, My Brother-in-Law is a Marine, My Sister is a Marine, My Nephew is a Marine, My Niece is a Marine, My Cousin is a Marine, My Mom is a Marine, My Dad is a Marine, My Husband is a Marine. My Wife is a Marine, My Boyfriend is a Marine, My Man is a Marine, My Hero is a Marine, Marine Wife Always Faithful, and Marine Wife Marine Mom.

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