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Below is the latest (Fall 2017) schedule for Family Day and Graduation Day at MCRD PARRIS ISLAND. We offer our suggestions, prefaced with the following information: THE CORPS STORE has been serving Marines and their families for over 400 graduations from PARRIS you can trust our advice and experience !
Listed below are some comments / suggestions from our more than 350,000 customers...It is our hope that they will make your trip to Parris Island easier and more enjoyable.

#1 COMMENT: We wish we had not bought our Parris Island Battalion shirts and hats online...they were not the correct colors and we paid too much. We wish we had waited and bought them at The Corps Store. SUGGESTION #1: Don't purchase your Parris Island shirts and hats online from us or anybody else...WAIT UNTIL YOU GET HERE...see for yourself! Forget the shipping and handling...thats just more $$$ in your pocket. There is plenty of time to shop!! Please do compare prices and quality, YOU WILL GET MORE FOR YOUR MONEY AT THE CORPS STORE !! All of our shirts and hoodies are the CORRECT Battalion colors with graphics on the front AND back of each one !!!

#2 COMMENT: We read online that we need to get to the base as early as possible on Family Day...when in fact that was not true. SUGGESTION #2: Plan on being seated for the start of Family day and Graduation ceremonies approx 60 minutes beforehand.

#3 COMMENT: We have read so many different things online that we have no idea of what to expect on Parris Island. SUGGESTION #3:Read the below information carefully and pass it along to other members of your family. Take bottled water and drink plenty of it; take insect repellent and apply plenty of it; take sunscreen and put it on everyone; wear comfortable shoes; avoid the crowds by packing a picnic lunch (or order from Big Joe's or Pizza Inn) or pack your Marine's favorite snacks for after the ceremony. Ask us questions and let us help you and your family enjoy this very special time..."IT ONLY HAPPENS ONCE"

THE CORPS STORE is located at 864-D Parris Island Gateway in Beaufort, S.C. Our staff includes Marine spouses and children, Marine Veterans and long-time residents of Beaufort and the Low Country. They all have lots of experience and will be glad to help you in any way. We hope that you will visit us at THE CORPS STORE during your trip. Our large selection includes hundreds of USMC and Parris Island items that are priced to fit your budget. Pleasant conversation and helpful information are ALWAYS free. WE ARE LOOKING FORWARD TO MEETING YOUR FAMILY AND YOUR NEW MARINE !!!