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USMC Bumper Stickers

Marine Corps Vinyl Bumper Sticker, Gold Lettering on Scarlet background with EGA, 11.5"  X  3",  66 Variations includes:  -It's God's Job To Judge the Terrorists... It's Our Mission to Arrange the Meeting!  U.S. Marines  -Terrorists... Kill Them All and Let God Sort Them Out!  -If You Can Read This, Thank A Teacher... If You Are Reading It in English, Thank A Marine!  -Earned.  Never Given!  -Semper Fi U.S. Marines  -Marines  -U.S.M.C.-Improvise, Adapt and Overcome  -Pain is Weakness Leaving The Body  -Pain is Temporary Pride is Forever  -When It Absolutely Positively Must Be Destroyed Overnight  -When You Care Enough To Send The Very Best  -Against All Enemies Foreign & Domestic  -Warning:  Does Not Play Well With Others  -World's Finest U.S. Marines  -When You're The Finest, It's Hard To Be Humble  -Best Friend Worst Enemy  -Best Friend or Worst Enemy U.S. Marines  -All Men Are Created Equal Then A Few Become Marines  -Pray For Peace Train For War  -Our Freedom Is Not Free  -"Semper Gumby"  U.S. Marines  -Deadly Accurate  -Rifle Expert U. S. Marines  -Pistol Expert U.S. Marines  -Rifle & Pistol Expert  -Property of A U.S. Marine  -No Warning Shots Due To The High Cost Of Ammo  -I Love The Corps!  -God Bless The Marines  -Camp LUH-JERN  -MCAS Beaufort Fighter Town, USA  -Ain't Skeered  -D.A.D.D. Dads Against Daughters Dating  -Retired Marine  -Marine Retired  -Marine Veteran  -Combat Veteran  -Combat Veteran U. S. Marines  -Disabled Veteran  -Afghanistan Veteran  -Iraqi Freedom Veteran  -Enduring Freedom Veteran  -Gulf War Veteran  -Desert Storm Veteran  -Beirut Veteran  -Vietnam Veteran  -Korean War Veteran  -Not As Lean Twice As Mean Still A Marine  -Still Lean, Still Mean Always A Marine  -Once A Marine, Always A Marine  -I Serve With Pride  -I Served With Pride  -Some Gave All All Gave Some  -Band of Brothers Semper Fidelis!  -Drill Instructor U.S. Marines  -Marine Recruiter  -Military Police  -Military Police U. S. Marines  -I.Y.A.T.Y.A.S.  -"I'm With The Band"  Marine Musician  -Montford Point Marines  -Navy Corpsman  -Naval Academy Marines  -The Citadel &  -Citadel Marine


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