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USMC Family Relation Bumper Stickers


Marine Corps Family Relation Vinyl Bumper Sticker, Gold Lettering on Scarlet background,11.5" X 3",  New, 31 Variations includes:  
Marine Mom, Marine Dad, Marine Uncle, Proud Son of a Marine, Proud Daughter of a Marine, My Boyfriend is a Marine, My Girlfriend is a Marine, Marine Wife Semper Feisty, Marine Wife Always Faithful, My Husband is a Marine, My Wife is a Marine, Marine Girlfriend Semper Feisty, My Man is a Marine, My Hero is a Marine, My Sister is a Marine, Marine Brother, My Brother-In-Law is a Marine, My Brothers are Marines, My Grandsons are Marines, My Granddaughter is a Marine, I Love My Marine, My Dad is a Marine, My Step Son is a Marine, My Son-in-Law is a Marine, My Daughter-in Law, Marine Wife & Mom, Like Father Like Son, Marine Mom Always Faithful, My Cousin is a Marine, Marine Cousin, and My Niece is a Marine.


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